Sami Chohan


I have been drawing since my toddling days (according to mom). By the age of 10 I was drawing as if there would be no tomorrow. Today I draw to maintain sanity.

About my art .. well I'm deeply inspired by the theories of Surrealism though I may not be a traditional Surrealist. The coexistence of opposites influences me. The duality of the physical world shapes my mind and characterizes my work. Or perhaps my mind and work shape and characterize the duality of the physical world. Either way, the duality exists. I consider the act of drawing a process of extraction - an extraction of metaphors from the subconscious mind. Unreal in manifestation, these metaphors possess the ultimate truth.

I am self-taught, self-motivated and I draw to provoke thoughts.

2010 - Pictures Within @ T2F Karachi

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